Ministries and Organizations Please Note

During the months of September through April the classrooms are primarily used for religious education. Therefore, the rooms must be set up in order to facilitate that ministry. Each group may change the configuration for their usage, but then return to the classroom model prior to vacating.


The rooms will now be inspected every morning. Failure to restore the classroom model will result in forfeiture of the privilege of use.


The A/C, heat, and/or fans have been left on in the classrooms and hall. This will be noted at daily inspection. Failure to shut off utilities will also result in loss of privilege of use.


When promoting your ministry or organization after weekend Masses, please return all tables and chairs to the parish hall. Do not leave them in the foyer or stored in the former confessional.


The parish does not have a maintenance person on staff. Upkeep and repairs are made when needed. Please inform the office of any needs and they will be made when and if possible.



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