Modesty in Clothing

Parents are often obliged to correct their children over and over again – about the same thing. They would really prefer not to have to do it, but if they didn’t they would be guilty of sinning by omission. Priests feel the same way. One of the things that we often have to correct people about is the use of immodest clothing.

We most especially need to remind girls and women to not wear immodest low-cut dresses or blouses. Women and girls should be careful that their dress is not revealing at all, even when they bend over or kneel down. Maybe some women do not know that revealing clothing is a source of temptation for most men.

Someone might argue that the wearing of revealing clothing now meets with society’s standards. It may indeed meet with society’s standards; however, we can safely say that it does not meet with God’s. As Christians, we are not to be followers of society’s standards, but the standards of Christ. We urge every woman to examine her wardrobe (and that of her minor children if she has any), and get rid of all clothing that is immodest unless it can be adapted to be worn modestly.

If a woman has doubts about the modest use of a particular article of clothing, it may be helpful to ask herself if our Blessed Mother would wear such clothing if she lived in this day and age. Or, to ask herself if our Blessed Mother would be pleased with her wearing the article of clothing in question.


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