Charity and Development Appeal


A true understanding of Stewardship begins with our understanding of the Christian vocation and call of Christ. God calls each of us to be a disciple and to live as a steward.

Stewardship isn’t just about giving in order to fill a need. It is about living a life that shows gratitude to our Lord for our lives, our skills, and our resources. Stewardship is first and foremost opening ourselves to God’s love, and then gladly returning that love in recognition that we are indeed One Family in Christ.

Stewardship requires participation in the mission of the Church. The Charity and Development Appeal (CDA) is an opportunity for individuals and families to work with Christ in making the mission of the Church real, vibrant and alive. Each of us is here for a purpose. Each of us is here to make a difference.

The Charity and Development Appeal (CDA) is the one Diocesan appeal that asks every Catholic family to financially and prayerfully support the more than 70 charitable, educational, and spiritual organizations which counsel, feed, clothe, house, educate, and comfort those in need throughout the four Arizona counties (Mohave, Maricopa, Coconino and Yavapai) within our Diocese. We are a family and the CDA serves the needs of our people beyond the boundaries of any one parish. As a result, more people are served across the community as well as within the parishes.

Everyone has the opportunity to choose how they contribute to the CDA.

You can make a commitment to pray for those in our Diocese who need our care and support.

You can make a financial pledge or make a one time contribution. Pledges and one time contributions can be paid by check or credit card.

I have invited Tony and Angie Valdez and Family to Chair this year’s Campaign . More information will be available in upcoming weeks from the Chairs and me.

— Father Loren Gonzales


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