Welcome Father Pat Martin

St. Charles Borromeo Parish is pleased to welcome Father Patrick Martin this early Advent. He is sharing his amazing story of God’s love, bringing healing and peace to broken hearts. His personal story is truly amazing as he has recounted in several publications. His Parish Missions have taken him all around the country. Please visit A Wild Canary to learn more about this Man of God’s Love.

Since the fall of 1980 some 3 dozen parishes every year have experienced our Parish Mission Program on “God’s Love in Our Broken Lives.” Already, some 800 parishes all over North America and Europe, have requested and had our Parish Mission Program and dozens more are scheduled. The program aims at helping parishioners to discover God’s love in the midst of their broken lives. The requests for the missions never stop coming in! I am so grateful to parishes that now work to come together to ease my travel burdens, and for all the scheduling adaptations that will make it possible for the missions to go on!

You can only imagine how important these missions are in our suffering-ridden world today! The crowds and confession/counseling lines never stop growing. Much prayer support is needed during the mission days and once these days are completed in the parish. This newsletter now goes out to more than 14,000 of you who have already benefited from one or more of these mission programs. Will you please pray for those now making the same mission you’ve made? Will you help them with your own favorite form of prayer to discover God’s love for themselves in their broken lives?


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