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Reminder to Parents/ Guardians Please make sure you bring your child/ren to their respective classrooms by 5:55p.m., at the latest, each Wednesday/Thursday evening so that their catechist can start the class on time. Then, please pick up your child/ren outside the classroom door at 7:15 p.m. If you need to pick up your child/ren prior to that time, please make sure you have a note for each catechist so your child can be released early. Without a note, no child can be released from class.

English Baptism Class: The next Baptism class will be held on Saturday, November 22nd. at 9:00 A.M. in Reid Hall. Please call by November 20th.

The Senior/Junior High School classes will resume this week at 7:00P.M. in Reid Hall as scheduled.

The R.C.I.A and R.I.C.A. Classes will resume this Tuesday evening at 7:00P.M. in their respective areas.

Spanish Baptisms will take place this Saturday, November 22nd .Since there is a large number of children being Baptized, please be prompt to the assigned service, 9:00 A.M. or 10:30 A.M., given to you at the November 8th meeting.

There will be an English Baptism Class this Saturday, November 22nd. Please bring the Baptism Form, a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate and the Church fee of $40. Questions/concerns, contact Deacon Joe.


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