Coupon Trading

Our coupon trading box is a huge success thanks to everyone that has donated, clipped and sorted. But it seems that parishioners canʼt find what they want or they donʼt have enough time to look or they just donʼt use coupons, so currently there are more donators than users.  The new change will help these issues and allow parishioners to request the specific coupons they want (for example Yoplait yogurt, Suave hair care, baby products in general, etc).  This will allow you to receive your own envelope with only the coupons you want and need.  The coupon box will still remain in the church foyer for everyoneʼs use but this change will make the process user-friendly.  And extra coupons remaining after our parishionersʼ selections are made, will be used in a monthly paid coupon service that will be offered to non-parishioners so that our expended community can benefit as well.  Expired coupons will also still be sent to military families overseas.  In the coming weeks look for product selection sheets near the coupon box and please fill one out and drop it in the sealed box next to the trading box. Also I will be teaching a class in December at our church to show parishioners how easy it is to save money using coupons, discounts and simple techniques.  If you have questions or suggestions email KathyChurch or call 623-878-4708.  Thank you.


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