Pastor’s Prose

I have mentioned several times this fiscal year that $5500 is needed per week as budgeted for the parish to fulfill its financial obligations. Those obligations include: salaries, payroll taxes, employee benefits, telephone, utilities, insurance, building maintenance and repair, office supplies, postage, religious education books, materials and supplies, food, Chancery assessment, priest retirement, and Catholic Sun subscriptions. So, you see, we get quite a bit for our money.

For the month of October—with four Sundays—we will need to collect $22,000 or $5500 per week. (We are also carrying over the shortfall for August and September, so in actuality $25,000 is needed.)

I thank you all for your generosity in assisting in the Mission and Ministry of Jesus Christ through the Roman Catholic Parish of Saint Charles Borromeo. — Fr. Loren Gonzales


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