Pastor’s Prose

What can priests, deacons, parishes and schools do with regard to policies election of public officials in the

United States?

Preach and teach on issues that the Catholic Church considers non-negotiable as well as those requiring prudential judgment including:


Embryonic stem cell research

Marriage between a man and a woman

End of life issues

Just war doctrine

Death penalty

Human rights issues


A parish may also run parish based “voter registration drives”

Distribute “Catholics in the Public Square” booklet published by Bishop Olmsted

Show and promote the use of the two video’s distributed this fall by Bishop Olmsted: Marriage Amendment Presentation, Sanctity of Life Presentation

What are some things that should be avoided?

Any preaching or teaching or articles in the parish bulletin that mentions or references a political party or candidate

Voter registration drives run by other organizations on Church property. Distribution of candidate materials or presentation by candidates or their affiliates on Church property.

Use of signs and materials on Church grounds that include messages that state how or for whom to vote if they can be related to a particular candidate, party or election.


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