Pastor’s Prose

Many thanks to all who responded to my plea for an increase in the weekly plate collection. We were just shy of the $5000 goal for the first two weeks. Only $3982 was collected the third week, so the parish was unable to fulfill its August financial obligations. We have begun the month of September where we will need $5500 for each of the four weeks. So I ask you to please continue your generosity.

Deacon Joe and his wife Maria will be away the weekend of the 13th and 14th in order to attend the annual Diocesan Deacon’s Retreat. Please pray for them as they augment their spiritual lives.

A priest representative for Food for the Poor will be here the weekend of the 13th and 14th to share about this very important ministry. We should all make room in our lives to assist with those who have much less than we. In serving them, we serve the Lord Himself.

Our Religious Education program has begun and we will have the opportunity to show our appreciation of our catechists and volunteers on Catechetical Sunday, September 20.

In the coming weeks we will be viewing videos from the Diocese. The first one will be Bishop Olmsted’s Message regarding Proposition 102, the marriage amendment. The second video involves the Sanctity of Life weekend.

The Lord has indeed blessed us. Let us continue to give Him thanks and praise!

— Fr. Loren Gonzales


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