Pastor’s Prose

From last week’s homily:

The Universal manner of receiving Holy Communion is on the tongue. It is only by special permission that we are allowed to receive in the hand. The Holy See may revoke this privilege at any time. Since the desecration of the Blessed Sacrament by a university professor in Minnesota several weeks ago, Catholics are finally understanding the danger of Communion handed out so freely.

If you chose to receive in your hand, you may kneel or remain standing. The Sacred Body must be consumed immediately. Do not return to your seat with the Host in hand. Also, you are not allowed to dip the Sacred Host into the Precious Blood. The regulations of the Church are very clear in this regard.

Return to your seat and, on your knees, pray in thanksgiving. Do not remain standing after Communion. Kneeling until I sit is not appropriate either. We are not here to honor one another. It is Jesus Christ alone whom we honor.

Please sit when I close the tabernacle door and I proceed to the credence table to purify the sacred vessels.


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