Are you looking for ways to cut your shopping bill? Why not share coupons with your fellow parishioners! Look for our new coupon trading box in the church foyer. The idea is to take coupons from the box that you can use and to add some that you can’t. Many of us get the Sunday paper but only use a handful of the coupons, now you can share the ones you don’t want by exchanging them for some you do. Restaurant and store coupons can be added as well. If you don’t want to participate but would like to share those Sunday coupons anyway, please feel free to put them in the large envelope beneath the coupon box and we’ll cut them out and add them to the box for you. Also, any coupons that expire will be mailed to military families stationed overseas since they can use expired coupons at their commissary. If you have any suggestions or questions please contact Kathy Church (email – or 623-878-4708).


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