Pastor’s Prose

To those who still have a problem with the use of Latin within our worship here at St. Charles Borromeo, I direct your attention to the following instances of Latin during the Papal Visit of last week. Latin was spoken and chanted by those in attendance.

Additionally, the Appendices of the Official Missal for this Pilgrimage included English, Spanish and Latin.

Tu Es Petrus (4x)



Final Blessing

Gloria (2x)

Deus, exaudi nos

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus

Agnus Dei

Credo en Unum Deum (2x)

Pater Noster (2x)

Ave Maria

Regina Cæli (2x)

Salve Regina

Pontifical Blessing (3x)

Solemn Blessing (3x)

The Kyrie was sung in Greek.

Latin is the official language of the Church. It is not a “dead” language. It is very much alive, and it is one of the great patrimonies the Church gives to the world. Anyone viewing the Papal Visit last week will understand this clearly. Those who persist in their blindness must be prayed for. — Fr LWG


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