Pastor’s Prose

Dear Parish Family,

I wish to thank you for supporting the mission and ministry of the Roman Catholic Parish of Saint Charles Borromeo. This complete title emphasizes who we are as faithful people of God. Our communion with one another as the Church Militant, with the Saints in Heaven—the Church Triumphant, and those souls in Purgatory—the Church Suffering, exemplifies the unity which gathers all Catholics.

Such unity is the work of the Holy Spirit. Our God is pleased with us as we worship Him and Him alone by our authentic, and reverential celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI desires that we Catholics of the Third Millennia worship our Lord in accord with the great tradition of the Church. This is why we celebrate the revised Mass and the Traditional Mass with the appropriate solemnity.

My Christmas wish is that all may come to know the fullness of the One, True Church of God, and that our separated brethren find complete healing through the Sacraments. May those who feel alienated, for whatever reason, come to see the brilliant star in the East shining upon the babe as reason to rejoice and return to the fold.

Pax Domini sit simper vobiscum.

— Fr. Loren Gonzales


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